Greetings and Salutations

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 9, 2013

For quite a while now, I have been kicking around the idea of creating a group blog that would focus on discussing an eclectic set of issues. I have my own blog, of course, which seeks to do just that, and I mean to continue it, but putting up content all by one’s lonesome can get, well, lonesome. Plus, it’s difficult for one person to read the entire Internet in order to write about a diverse panoply of interesting issues (not that I don’t try on a daily basis when I am not busy with cultivating the fine art of living offline).

So I decided to take the plunge and blog en masse with friends/allies/compatriots/people who deserve sainthood for tolerating my existence. Thus, this blog.

To answer the obvious question: Yes, there will be blogging about politics at this site. And to answer the other obvious question: The politics of this site can fairly be characterized as right-of-center. Of course, “right-of-center” means a number of different things to different people, but I imagine that the lot of us bloggers will be able to get along without too much trouble. As the fellow tasked with the job of being Blog Emperor of The Grumbling Hive, I certainly hope so; I wouldn’t want to be facing a revolution anytime soon.

But to answer the third obvious question: Yes, there will be blogging about more than just politics at this site. I mean to make it something of a salon, or a Magazine of Interesting Stuff, rather than an activist site for politics (there are plenty of political activist sites out there, and we don’t mean to replicate their work). There will also be blogging here about books, movies, computer games, general cultural and intellectual matters, and hopefully a healthy sprinkling of humor.

About the name of the blog: I am afraid that it is the result of thievery. The first victim of our theft is the late, great and good Bernard Mandeville, who wrote this. As we aim to turn knaves honest–among other things–I think that the name of the blog is a good one, and that it fits our sense of mission and purpose. We all hope that the ghost of Mandeville will smile on our endeavors from the Heavens above.

The second victims of our theft are the folks at Crooked Timber. They are celebrating ten years of blogging–we congratulate them most heartily–and in the midst of their celebrations, they revealed that they actually considered naming their site “The Grumbling Hive.” Chris Bertram informs us that he is “very pleased that [he] was in a minority of one in that vote: the Hive was a terrible idea.” He may think so; we think not, and we are happy to take the name. I imagine that some Timberites might think that the quasi-imitation that we have engaged in by taking the name we have taken constitutes a semi-sincere form of kinda-sorta-flattery. Very well then; we owe them a debt of sorts for the name that we have, and we are willing to acknowledge it online. Since there promises to be much difference between us on the issues of the day, I am glad to think that we at least might have something that brings us together, and the naming of this site appears to have done the trick.

So welcome one and all to The Grumbling Hive. Pray, take up a chair, enjoy a libation, and stick around for a while. We are glad to have you here.

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